Jack is really enjoying my books now!

My artwork signed by David Attenborough up for grabs!

David Attenborough has signed & captioned my poster for the Richmond-Upon-Thames Environment Trust art auction! You can find it and many other artworks up for auction including a work by Mary Fedden at http://www.environmenttrust.co.uk/art-auction.html

“When you’ve finished taking this picture, for heaven’s sake get these things off me!”

Baby Jack!

I have a rather important blog post, the announcement of the birth of my son Jack, born on 1st July 2011. Rather a delayed post I know, but I’ve been rather busy! Will be back to work in november working on my next picture book.

Newts, Coots & Muddy Boots!

A wonderful talk for children held by the Richmond Environment Trust:  www.environmenttrust.co.uk Wildlife experts discussed their interests in a fun and engaging way, including Sir David Attenborough who talked about his love for Great Crested Newts.

…and here’s my contribution – a pic of Sir Dave and his loving animals for the poster and tickets, which apparently made him chuckle!

Hogbert’s Spring

Here is a little taster of a page from my new book, Hogbert’s Spring …still in working progress and not yet published!

Share! Review – Daily Mail

Share was reviewed in the Daily Mail on Friday 12th November:

Pictures from my trip to America!

I have just returned from a two week trip around Oregon and California, which was incredibly AWESOME! Here are a few pictures I took along the way….

Wild Horse on Native American Reservation.

Wild Westy Books

Bald Eagle

They've still got Borders!

Classic book purchase!


Bizarre lamp of unfortunate animal!

Seahorse at Monterey Aquarium

Amazing Seadragon at Monterey.

A Tethered Horse, in the streets of Portland.

Bookseller Review

From  Children’s Titles to Come,  August 2010  to  March 2011…

It’s coming alive!….

Currently bringing the last bits together for my picture book text, can’t wait to start sketching!

Bookstart 2011

700,000 copies of Peepo Baby to be reprinted for the Bookstart baby book scheme 2011 ! That’s a lot of babies, I hope they write good reviews!

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